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Consider being a poll worker in the upcoming primary elections

Written on Jul 15, 2022

Secretary of State Frank LaRose has put out the call for poll workers for the August 2 primary election, and particularly noted how CPAs would be a great fit. You can volunteer your time as a poll worker at the Aug. 2 primary election and make a difference in your community.  

Poll workers are essential to ensuring that our elections are fair, and in doing so, maintain the traditions of our past and our hope for the future. It takes more 50,000 Ohioans to carry off the election.  LaRose noted that in addition to poll workers, voter turnout at the August 2 primary is expected to be very low, meaning each and every vote can be the deciding one between an Ohio Senate or Ohio House candidate winning or losing. Early in-person voting and absentee voting have already started, and of course we also can vote in person on August 2. Be sure to exercise your civic right and duty, as many elections in heavily Republican or Democrat districts are for all intents decided at the primary election level.