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Report: Bonuses, 5.49% salary jump part of soaring costs for CCRC nurse leaders

Written on Jul 11, 2022

Costly bonuses remain a key strategy as providers try to find and retain workers amid sharply rising salaries for continuing care retirement communities (CCRC).  

According to the 2022-2023 CCRC Salary & Benefits Report, some salary categories averaged an increase of more than 5%, while others went into the double digits. 

“Salary increases cannot continue at a 10% increase rate due to affordability,” principal and senior consultant for Total Compensation Solutions Matthew Leach said in a statement. “We do expect to continue to observe staff and sign-on bonuses, at least until wage inflation comes down.”  

This year’s findings show that the national average salary for directors of nursing at CCRCs increased by 5.49% in 2022, from $102,559 to $108,191. Last year, average DON salaries at CCRCs increased by 3.10%. 

Average salaries jumped by 3.11% (from $123,912 to $127,769) nationwide for nursing home administrators at CCRCs from 2021 to 2022, while registered nurse salaries increased by 5.84% (from $73,921 to $78,239).  

Average rates for certified nurse aides increased by 11.03%, while non-certified nurse aides jumped by 10.04%.  

“These types of increases were unprecedented over the past 10 to 20 years, but now they reflect what is going on in the market,” Leach added in his statement. “This data speaks to what CCRC/life span communities are doing to retain their current staff because they have tried to recruit new employees and struggle finding employees.”  

Survey data from respondents also found that most facilities, 55.4%, have had to make pay adjustments for key employees, while 24.8% are now using sign-on bonuses to attract new employees.  

Researchers have observed a decade-long trend of a growing prevalence of bonus plans at the leadership level and the expectation is that will continue in the future.