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Nonprofit news from around the web: June 27 – July 1, 2022

Written on Jun 28, 2022

Tax breaks and IRA rollovers on federal agenda 
Federal legislation that would restore tax breaks for donors, allow seniors to make tax-free withdrawals from their IRAs when making a contribution, and tie the sector closer to federal agencies are in various stages of discussion on Capitol Hill. 

Time for nonprofits to revisit performance management and pay strategies 
Because nonprofits’ priorities often revolve around their social missions, their organizational cultures tend to differ from those of for-profit companies, including how they approach pay. But nonprofits shouldn't dismiss the benefits of revamping their compensation strategies to tie pay to performance, HR experts say. 

10 best practices for launching and promoting an online sweepstakes fundraiser for your nonprofit 
When it comes to online fundraising for nonprofits, a sweepstakes is one of the best options for engaging and activating individual donors. 

Why direct response fundraising is like fishing from the riverbank 
The art and science of direct response fundraising is like the cadence of a flowing river, engaging donors as they flow through, month by month.