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National organization says lack of IT funding puts nonprofits at risk

Written on Jun 28, 2022

Nonprofits rarely have funds for tech updates, and it's putting them at risk, but funding for cybersecurity and IT upgrades is scarce, said Rick Cohen, COO and chief communications officer for the National Council of Nonprofits. 

“It’s a huge issue and one that’s difficult to tackle,” he said. “Too many donors…are still hearing the same old, outdated and damaging advice to give to nonprofits that spend less on ‘overhead,’ leading nonprofits to hesitate to invest as much as they should in key cyber infrastructure.” 

Nonprofits that feel confident in making those investments often don’t have the funds to do so, particularly those that do a lot of work under government grants and contracts, Cohen said. 

“When those contracts don’t pay the full amount that it costs to deliver a service, there just isn’t additional funding available to upgrade their technology.” 

One of the biggest issues for nonprofits in mitigating cybersecurity risks is the fact that threats move fast and change often, MNA technology director Adam King said in a statement.