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Risk management and fraud news from around the web: June 6 – 10, 2022

Written on Jun 10, 2022

To better manage cybersecurity risk, extend zero-trust principles to third parties 
The zero-trust principle of “Never trust, always verify” has been adopted widely to manage internal environments, and organizations should extend this notion to third-party risk management. To combat this, enterprises need to consider vendors as subsets of their business. 

Mitigating risks in M&A transactions 
The M&A market has grown in complexity, and as it becomes more competitive, everything from revenue to reputation is at risk. For all stakeholders involved, it is increasingly important to carefully review deal risks and undertake a robust due diligence process to protect against downside risk and create value.  

How corporate risk management is changing 
With more focus being placed on areas like edge computing and cyber intrusions, how will corporate risk management change, and what audits should you plan on performing? 

A cybersecurity risk management strategy for the c-suite 
There are several encompassing security strategies to evaluate, depending on your requirements and threat posture.