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Health care news from around the web: June 6 – 10, 2022

Written on Jun 10, 2022

Connected health care takes huge leap forward 
Digital disruption that previously hit retail, financial services and many other sectors is now descending on health care. 

AARP’s billion-dollar bounty 
AARP has been promoting a chain of medical clinics that have opened more than 100 primary care outlets in nearly two dozen states. The deal gives exclusive rights to use the AARP brand for marketing, but controversy has long dogged these sorts of alliances. 

Telehealth visits dropped in March amid better COVID-19 outlook, new report finds 
Telehealth use declined in March across all medical claim lines compared to February, according to non-profit Fair Health’s monthly telehealth regional tracker. 

How the expansion of 5G will transform telemedicine and health care delivery 
The advent of 5G cellular service will improve far more than just everyday phone calls. With increased bandwidth, 5G connectivity brings latency low enough to provide real-time information that will advance telemedicine and revolutionize future health-care delivery. 

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