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Ohio could be Twitter’s new headquarters

Written on May 13, 2022

By Columbus Business First

Thanks to a superior tax climate, Ohio could be in the running as new headquarters to Twitter if the social media platform relocates from its California headquarters.   

John Boyd, a principal at The Boyd Co., has researched HQ relocations and what it could mean for Twitter's search as Elon Musk completes his acquisition of the company. Musk previously relocated Tesla headquarters to Austin. 

“We see small market locations in states with superior tax climates – Florida, Nevada, Texas and Ohio – being squarely in the mix,” Boyd wrote in a story for Site Selection magazine on the prospects of a Twitter HQ search.  

“This Twitter project will be one of the first, maybe the first, high-profile headquarters relocations in this ‘new normal’ post-Covid,” Boyd said. “In the era of unprecedented mobility for talent, markets with low taxes just have an inherent advantage.”  

Boyd’s firm identified 15 specific locations meeting the new criteria, including Lake Nona in Orlando, where Disney is expected to eventually move its California headquarters.