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Student aims high to make her mark in accounting

Written on Apr 28, 2022

By Jillian Inks, OSCPA communications and marketing intern 

Carleen Ellerbruch’s love for the accounting profession started after an interest in business led to her first accounting class at John Carroll University. 

“When I first entered college, I really liked all my math classes and  knew I wanted to do something in business,” she said. “When I took my accounting class my freshman year, I just really liked it.” 

Now a senior, Ellerbruch is majoring in accounting with a minor in entrepreneurship. Her appreciation for business stems back to her father, Will Ellerbruch, who she said has been a notable mentor in her career path. While visiting her father’s workplace, Daktronics, Ellerbruch met Sheila Anderson, the CFO of the company. Meeting Anderson and seeing her in action as a female CFO in the sports industry has inspired Ellerbruch to be part of something big outside of college.   

After attending career fairs and networking with the Big 4, she landed an internship at EY, her first of three in the profession. She also interned with the Danaher Corporation in tax and once again in audit with EY this past spring. . 

“I enjoyed this most recent internship the most because I got to go into the office,” she said. “I got a feel for what life would be like in the office.” 

Ellerbruch said her internships allowed her to talk with clients about business, giving her a real-world experience to draw from before she took a course teaching her to do the same thing. 

These internships helped her get a head start on field experience before her accounting classes began in sophomore year. Ellerbruch is also a student ambassador, and said she applied as soon as she saw the application.  

“I thought this was the perfect side opportunity to get people to try accounting and OSCPA,” she said. “It’s something I feel passionate about, and I love John Carroll’s accounting program.” 

 She said she sees the student ambassador role as more than just educating students about the OSCPA and the program’s benefits. She can make an impression on students in both high school and college  when it comes to talking about accounting.  

After graduation in the fall, Ellerbruch will work for E.Y i and prepare for the CPA exam this summer.