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CPA Voice: What to know about SGOs

Written on Apr 28, 2022

You might be aware of Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs), but they’re finally coming to Ohio at the end of September.  

“Scholarship Granting Organizations are remarkably simple,” writes Randall W. Luecke, CPA, and Dennis A. Linden, CPA, in the March/April issue of CPA Voice. “They are religious or nonreligious 501(c)3 organizations that do two things: raise scholarship funds from donors and disburse scholarship funds to students, primarily from kindergarten to grade 12.” 

Students from low-income households who attend public schools receive priority when scholarships are awarded. 

To find out more about SGOs, including establishing an SGO, what it means for clients who work with SGOs and more, read the article in the March/April issue of CPA Voice. 

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