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Student ambassador rises to the occasion

Written on Apr 14, 2022

By Jillian Inks, OSCPA communications & marketing intern

Corrine Hartline’s accounting journey began when she chose to take an accounting class over a study hall period in high school.  

“Between analytic or interactive, I would say I am  in the middle,” said Hartline, now a senior accounting major at Kent State University,”You have to be analytic, but a lot of accounting things don’t happen unless you interact with others.”  


Hartline took advantage of a growth opportunity when  her  accounting professor, Wendy Tietz, asked if she would be interested in being a  student ambassador 

“Two summers ago … she had a student ambassador who backed out at the last minute,” she said. “They needed someone to fill the space quickly so, she recommended me.” 

Hartline accepted Tietz’s offer, although initially  she did not know what to expect of her position.  

Now, Hartline is sharing the possibilities of the profession with fellow accounting majors.. As the vice president for the honor society, Beta Alpha Psi, her reach and  work with other business students has grown immensely since the start of 2020.  

“Being able to make those connections, it’s a good feeling. Some people who are new accounting majors don’t know what to do at first,” she said. “Once they see someone in all these different things that they now know about, that helps them be interested in learning more, too.” 

Hartline said she’s grown professionally in the past year thanks to her internships at Novogradac & Company LLP and Rea & Associates.  She’s become more detail-oriented and has made connections with non-profit clients in audit and tax.  

Graduating this May, Hartline has accepted a full-time job with Rea & Associates and is studying for the CPA exam which she plans to take this summer.  

In the future Hartline says she would love to return to her studies to receive a master's degree and become a professor.