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Written on Apr 1, 2022

How CFOs can win the struggle for talent
Here are three ways CFOs can help manage the talent shortage, even if they don’t supervise the human resources department.

What working parents want from your organization
More than two years after the start of the pandemic, it's important for organizations to consider the needs of working parents as everyone charts a path forward. Senior leaders can gather information through polls or focus groups, and individual workers can make a difference by embracing a solutions-oriented approach.

The missing link in your leadership: Build meaningful feedback loops
Feedback loops can be a powerful tool for leaders, provided they are adapted to the organization’s and leader’s specific needs.

How leaders can manage ‘brilliant jerks’
In nearly 25 years of working with leaders—and more than a decade of one-on-one coaching and advisory to Fortune 500 CEOs—there is one issue raised by virtually every leader in every environment: What to do about the brilliant jerk?

Tech Corner - How to prepare for cyberattacks at a time of heightened threat
Fears of a cyberoffensive accompanying the Russian invasion of Ukraine have yet to pan out, but that doesn't mean the danger has passed. In a Q&A, cybersecurity expert Allison Davis Ward, CPA, assesses the cyberthreat landscape and describes what fellow accountants should do to protect their firms, companies and clients.