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CPA of Ohio: Hannah Nowak

Written on Mar 23, 2022

If you could learn any skill overnight, what would it be? 
It would be home renovations or anything construction related. I also think that would be a really cool career to get into, flipping houses and that kind of thing. As a homeowner, I think it’s super beneficial to know that sort of stuff and I wish I had that kind of skill set. Unfortunately, my brain is more analytical as opposed to crafty. 

Are you currently working toward any long-term goals?  

Fitness is always going to be a goal for me, I want to continue just being healthy and sticking with CrossFit and maintaining that healthier lifestyle. I’m also on the tail-end of doing a 90-day sobriety break through January and March which helps restart my year. Also, I am working on paying down debt. I’m hoping to be debt free in a couple years. Those are the two big ones.