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Student ambassador passionate about sharing accounting profession opportunities

Written on Mar 10, 2022

By Jillian Inks, OSCPA communications and marketing intern 

For OSCPA student ambassador Breanna Clifford, picking a major at Ashland University meant combining her passions. 

“It’s the best of both worlds.” Clifford said, of her double major in accounting and business management with a minor in religion.  

Growing up in West Salem, the senior undergrad said her peers, teachers and academic advisers are her biggest supporters and have encouraged her to “push herself out of her comfort zone” when it came to applying for internships. 


So far she’s completed internships with  J.M Smucker Co. and with Ashland-based Whitcomb and Hess. 

“I met so many great people at both places,” Clifford said.  

Learning to network proved to be her favorite aspect of the internships, and it’s a skill she uses regularly as a student ambassador when she presents to college and high school students on the accounting profession. 

Clifford said she views  her role as educating and debunk stereotypes about accounting being about numbers and cubicles. 

“Almost a month ago, I presented to a high school accounting class,” Clifford said. “I asked if anyone was going to be an accountant or go for an accounting major. One of them raised their hand and said ‘Yeah, I’m actually graduating this year and I’m going for accounting at Ashland University next year.’”  

Clifford said she enjoys making connections as a student ambassador, and that ultimately those little connections could make a big difference.