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IRS establishes Taxpayer Experience Office

Written on Mar 7, 2022

The IRS this week announced it has established the Taxpayer Experience Office to focus on all aspects of taxpayer transactions with the IRS across the service, compliance and other program areas. 

Working in conjunction with all IRS business units and coordinating closely with the Taxpayer Advocate Service, the office is part of the effort envisioned in the Taxpayer First Act Report to Congress last year. This included input and feedback from taxpayers, tax professionals and the tax community that helped develop the Taxpayer Experience Strategy. The Report to Congress identified more than 100 programs and tools that would help taxpayers, including a 360-degree view of taxpayer accounts, expanded e-File and payment options, digital signatures, secure two-way messaging and online accounts for businesses and tax professionals.

To help drive the IRS strategic direction for improving the taxpayer experience, the Taxpayer Experience Office has identified key activities the IRS is focusing on over the next five years, including those commitments outlined in the President's Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government.

The Taxpayer Experience Office will identify changing taxpayer expectations and industry trends, focus on customer service best practices, and promote a consistent voice and experience across all taxpayer segments by developing agency-wide taxpayer experience guidelines and expectations. Office leaders plan to staff up in the coming months to support the effort.

Some areas of improvement in the near-term include expanding customer callback, expanded payment options, secure two-way messaging and more services for multilingual customers. These activities build on recent improvements such as digital tools to support Economic Impact Payments and the Advance Child Tax Credit, online chat and online tax professional account.