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CPA Voice: Guidance for resolving ethical conflicts

Written on Feb 24, 2022

With CPAs’ training in critical thinking, skepticism and professional judgment, doing the right thing should come naturally. Of course, human beings don’t function that way, which is why we have things like the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct’s decision-making framework codified in 2014. 

The framework – one for members in public practice, and one for members in industry – is a resource CPAs can reference in addressing ethical dilemmas, writes OSCPA Executive Vice President Laura Hay, CPA, CAE, in the January/February issue of CPA Voice

Hay outlines a flow in which there is a question of CPA professional ethics involved, ranging from identifying the dilemma and the relevant facts, down to evaluating a continued association with the organization. 

“If the ethical conflict remains unresolved, the member may be in violation of one or more ethics rules and should consider whether they can continue their association with the firm, employer, engagement team or assignment,” Hay writes. 

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