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CPA of Ohio: Emily Kuderer

Written on Feb 15, 2022

What are some of your favorite places you’ve traveled?

Paris. I obviously knew I was going to love it, but I didn’t realize the awe I would have. So, I was in Paris for three days with my friends and we went to the Eiffel Tower every day because we could not get enough of it. We loved it, it was so much fun and being able to go up on the Eiffel Tower was so cool. The city was just so amazing and wonderful. They would have little stalls of people selling stuff like books and cards; it was so cool. I love it; the atmosphere, the culture and the people, it was so amazing!

What is a favorite piece of life advice you’ve been given?

I would say just like taking a moment to stop to breathe and really appreciate where you are, because I know I’m always thinking “Oh my gosh, what’s next? What’s the next big thing?” I don’t really live in the moment enough. So, I think to me it’s really important to take a couple of minutes every day or couple of days and just reflect on where I’m at and how exciting it is where I’m at instead of what’s next.