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Businesses need to prioritize engagement and discussion from staff

Written on Jan 27, 2022

By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager 

The pandemic has exposed the way many companies treat their employees, and the companies who are willing to listen and act based on employee feedback will thrive, said one HR  pro.  

“We're finding the companies that are focused upon the well-being of their employees are driving greater engagement,” said Steve Black, practice leader of Human Resource Services at Brixey & Meyer. “And that drives greater job satisfaction.” 

Organizations that are open to engagement and discussion from their staff are better off, said Black, as professionals feel more comfortable being open in discussing what they want from their employer. This helps retention, as instead of looking for a new position immediately professionals are more willing to look for a path where they can grow with their current company. 

The leaders who put their employees’ safety behind profits and an effort to continue as if the pandemic wasn’t happening are now being forced to deal with impact from the Great Resignation. 

And for those who are looking for new opportunities, Black encouraged employees to first consider their ideal career trajectory and culture. While it might seem alluring to leave and start fresh somewhere new, it will be a disappointment if proper research isn’t done during the interview phase. It’s possible that with an honest discussion with a manager, their current company might be the best fit. 

“Those employees that are able to start thinking about and asking those questions, may really find that they can help shape the trajectory and the direction of the company that they're already at,” Black said. “And maybe they won’t have to go out and keep searching for something they that don’t really want.”