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Top stories of 2021

Written on Dec 23, 2021

The most popular stories of the year covered issues that had a significant impact on the profession and Ohio CPAs, and OSCPA has been there to cover it all. Some of the popular topics including the CPA exam bill, PPP guidance and municipal income tax changes. Read below to see if you missed any of our top stories from 2021:

10. Budget plan addresses muni tax rules, employment services exclusion

9. House passes OSCPA-supported muni tax bills

8. OSCPA leads federal-level effort to address BWC dividend issues

7. House committee approves muni tax bills

6. Feds issue new PPP guidance

5. SBA releases trove of PPP guidance and forms

4. CPAs secure wins on tax conformity, state income tax deadline

3. Ohio budget bill is a wrap

2. CPA exam bill signed into law

1. IRS extends filing deadline; CPAs seek further action and guidance