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PODCAST: How to be successful in 2022

Written on Dec 23, 2021

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

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Firms and professionals who want to do well in 2022 should embrace the New Year’s spirit of improvement, one CPA firm consultant says. 

“I talk to firms of all sizes,” said Rita Keller. “I see some that are very progressive, and some that are still asking me questions that I heard 35 years ago.” 

Keller has been a respected voice in CPA firm management for more than 30 years. Her daily blog, Solutions for CPA Firm Leaders, touches on everything from the talent shortage to increasing firm fees. She joined the State of Business podcast this week to discuss what areas professionals and firms should focus on in 2022 to be successful.

The past two years have proven that the profession can evolve quickly, Keller said, even if for some firms it took them getting to a position where they had no choice.

“The biggest lesson that we've all learned is that you can change,” Keller said. “And in my line of work in consulting with CPA firms, that's one of the biggest hurdles. They're so comfortable, so conservative, that they just dig their heels in.”

Because remote and hybrid work will continue to become standard across businesses into 2022, Keller said now the question becomes, how should these practices be made most effective? Technology is a factor, she said, especially with remote work.

“I think the profession probably needs more software. I don't think all the software tools are there yet for them to manage remote employees effectively,” she said. “I think that's going to be a big change, and training managers so that they can manage people. You've got to have more personal contact, whether you're remote or not. You must entice people to make them feel connected.”

When working remotely more effort is required of both sides to continue a connection, Keller said. Managers must try to reach out to their employees and check in and offer regular feedback. And staff need to be forthcoming about asking questions and updating their teams on important information.

Ultimately, the most successful professionals and businesses will continue to learn and push the profession forward even when it’s uncomfortable, Keller said.

“I think we can learn from other businesses and how they're doing it, and bring that into the CPA profession,” she said. “Because we're a profession built on trust.”

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