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CPA of Ohio: Tim Monroe

Written on Dec 15, 2021
Are there any places that you really like to travel to or that you're hoping to travel to in the future?
I love going to Charleston, even before I moved down there after college. I really like the beach and living on the coast. There are really nice golf courses there  I would really like to try that I've never been to before. But I'd really like to go to San Diego. I think that the farthest west I've ever been to Arizona, I've never been to California so they could be cool to kind of see what that area is all about.

And do you have any mentors that you feel like have helped you throughout your life?

Probably my mom. It's been very inspiring to see her as a woman reach the top in accounting, which I think is really impressive. And just seeing how hard she worked. And she's had a really good career and it makes me think that's where I could be one day. And it keeps my vision focused. Like there is somebody right in my house who's been there and done that.