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CPA of Ohio: Hannah Pearce

Written on Nov 17, 2021

What has it been like preparing for your first child?

It's definitely overwhelming. It's still crazy, because the pandemic is affecting stuff, like ordering baby furniture, we still don't have all of it. So things are obviously different. You never really know what you need until you're kind of in it. So just trying to over-prepare for everything. That's just kind of who I am. But it's been exciting. So definitely a lot to learn. For me personally, and teaching my husband about baby stuff. It's been fun, though. It's definitely a new journey for both of us. But exciting at the same time.

What has been a favorite piece of life advice that you've been given?

In terms of more of a professional standpoint, a lot of people and especially my dad, they've always told me "pay yourself first." So make sure that you're investing in a 401k, setting yourself up for retirement and stuff like that. That's definitely one thing that I like to tell all people graduating from college, just getting started in the career field. My other piece of advice in terms of being a CPA, I wish I would have done it sooner. It's never gonna get easier. The more life throws at you as you get older like getting married and having kids. So I wish I would have done it right out of college and just gotten it out of the way.