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ABO hearing continues outreach to students, discipline of CPAs who violate state laws

Written on Nov 11, 2021

By Barbara Benton, CAE, OSCPA vice president, government relations 

The Accountancy Board of Ohio met in person in Oct. 15 to address disciplinary issues and other matters. The board hosted several virtual guests in the audience: accounting students from several Ohio universities and colleges. The idea is to allow students to see firsthand what the body does and to learn more about the process of becoming a CPA. 

Colleen Conrad, NASBA’s Executive Vice President and COO, joined virtually as well, explaining what CPA exam candidates can expect when they take the test, and how it will be changing in 2024 with the CPA Evolution revisions. She encouraged students to finish as much of the exam as they can before the switch to avoid transitional challenges. Any parts passed before the change will still count as one of four new parts. 

The Ohio Society of CPAs was represented live and summarized benefits of OSCPA student membership, encouraging all students to join and take advantage of discounts, scholarship offers and networking opportunities. 

In other significant action Oct. 15: 

  • Three CPAs had formal hearings:
  • One requested reconsideration of permit reinstatement, though the ABO voted to again deny reinstatement. This person previously had his certificate revoked for violating a rule of professional conduct.
  • Another person who had his certificate revoked in the past also was denied reinstatement and is not permitted to request reconsideration for at least six months. If this person does come before the ABO again with a reinstatement request, he must show proof of fixing the problems that caused his original revocation.
  • Another CPA’s certificate and firm registration was revoked for unlawful practice and failure of the firm to get a peer review and firm registration. This CPA did not take advantage of the opportunity to appear in person to share his side of the story.
  • Two Northeast Ohio universities requested the ABO accept double counting of up to nine credit hours for candidates in their combined BBA/MSA program in the calculation of 150 semester hours. The ABO voted to not support the change, saying NASBA was not supportive as the candidates would be actually taking 141 hours vs 150. ABO Executive Director John Patterson pointed out that the ABO cannot stop these universities from adopting the change, though their students could be at risk of not qualifying to sit for the CPA Exam or be licensed. 

Elections took place for 2022 ABO officers as follows: 

  • Chair: Jerry Weinstein 
  • Vice Chair: Brendan Fitzgerald 
  • Secretary: Scott Blake 

The ABO will next meet Dec. 6 and 7. 

Actions of the Accountancy Board of Ohio – the State of Ohio government entity charged with licensing, regulating, and when necessary, disciplining CPAs, can significantly affect the practice of all CPAs. OSCPA represents the profession at every ABO meeting, and advocates for best-practice rulemaking.