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CPA of Ohio: Megan Schmucker

Written on Oct 20, 2021

How long have you played chess?

I got introduced to it when I was in middle school. I really got captivated by it because of how detailed and intricate it is. And then probably within the last two years, I'd say I found an organization at YSU that was actually offering volunteers to come in and help with teaching local kids about chess and simultaneously we are able to mentor them and then teach them some life skills. The organization is called Chess Is Life, since I got involved with them in my activity level with the organization varies depending on school and other life things but I started playing a lot more. 

If you weren't in accounting, what would you want to do instead?

I've always said if I could reasonably find a job, I probably would have been a philosopher. Philosophy is  a big interest of mine. It is something that I find myself thinking about or interested in. I like the fact that it's not about the right answer. It's not about you know whether it's right or wrong, it's asking all of these questions. And it's truly the journey that you get. And so it doesn't even really matter if you have an answer, but it's the evolution of you as a person throughout all those questions.