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Selecting an automated accounting solution

Written on Oct 14, 2021

By Abigail Draper, OSCPA marketing manager 

Automated accounting solutions are becoming necessary, but how do you know which is best for your organization? 

Botkeeper, an automated bookkeeping and pre-accounting task solution, provided “The Accountant’s Guide to Selecting an Automated Accounting Solution” on OSCPA’s  Knowledge Hub that explains exactly how to choose. 

First, according to the guide, it’s important to “search for a solution that takes security training seriously from top to bottom.” 

When picking a solution, ask about security certifications like SOC 2. Even if the service is not SOC 2 certified, make sure the company is able to tell you what measures are in place to protect your data. 

Second, ask about the onboarding process and customer support availability. You don’t want to be left on your own to figure out this important software. 

In the same vein, look for a platform that is willing to grow with you and adapt to make the product work best for you. Your organization does not want to work with someone who is going to “simply take your money so they can continue to grow without actually listening to you and your needs.” 

Third, confirm that every software you purchase (other than and including an automated accounting solution) works well together. For example, if you have Salesforce, do your other platforms communicate with it as necessary? 

Additionally, for those who are concerned about machines taking their jobs, this guide says that’s not the case. 

“Basically, software without human oversight is a myth. And as a result, the humans who oversee your software are every bit as important as the end product.” 

Botkeeper says your organization will need to have the right people in place to operate the software you choose while also selecting a software that’s right for those who will operate it. 

The guide goes into additional considerations when choosing an automated accounting platform. After reading the white paper, Botkeeper says you will be able to: 

  • Recognize quality in an Automated Accounting Platform. 

  • Recognize the human-bot balance and why it matters. 

  • Ask all the right security questions during your evaluations. 

  • Weigh the levels of efficiency between solutions. 

  • Master the process of evaluating automated accounting platforms. 

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