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CPA of Ohio: Denice Wolf

Written on Oct 12, 2021


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in was Wooster, Ohio on a dairy farm. my dad and his side of the family raises Ayrshire cattle. And so we did the whole milking and growing crops thing. And it was a really fun, interesting childhood full of very obscure fun facts that will will never come into play.

What did you enjoy the most about growing up on a dairy farm?

I liked that I was brought to work with my parents like every day. And so it was really fun to never have the time of like, 'Oh, my parents aren't home after I come home from school.' I thought it was so cool. My dad used to pick me up in a skid loader at the end of the driveway on like random days if he was busy, he would pick us up from the end of the driveway and my siblings and I thought that was so fun. Those little weird quirks of spending the time with like my family there was very fun.