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CPA of Ohio: Kual Bak, student at Central State University

Written on Sep 14, 2021

How did you first become interested in accounting?

At my alma mater, Archbishop Alter High School it was his career day. One of my classmates' parents came in. He discussed his profession, on business, accountancy and specific and he talked about the importance of finance and how it's integral in every department. And it had me thinking I want to be a value to clients, I want to be a value to my community and I want to be a value to my country. What positions could I look into?

What are your future career plans after you graduate?

My future career plans would be hopefully being at a firm and becoming licensed one day. I want to be a serial entrepreneur. And I hope my eventual CPA helps bring diversity and inclusion to the field. Seeing more individuals who look like me with my skin tone that come from my background, whether as immigrants or men and women of color to show that there is a different route, you can go a different way. We need more CPAs in our profession and in our field.