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CPA of Ohio: Joseph Belz

Written on Aug 31, 2021

You mentioned recently really getting info golf, what do you enjoy so much about it?

It's so new to me, and it's just something that I am almost just in competition with myself when I play. When I play basketball it's a team game. At the end of the day you either lose or you win. I don't think of golf that way. Every time we go out there to play gold, we're all just trying to get better at our own swings. That's what I enjoy about it.

What was your road trip across the U.S. like?

I was in between my part time job that I was doing in Ohio before I ended up getting out to San Diego. Everywhere I stopped I had a rule for myself where I wouldn't drive over eight hours in a day, or 400 miles, whatever came first, just to make sure I was fully aware of my driving instincts. Just the random stops and Omaha, Nebraska, or Green River, Utah, things like that were really cool. I just realized you don't need to go to these really big cities or really highly sought vacation spots to have a good time. The entire country's beautiful, you've just got to be in the right space and thinking about it the right way.