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PODCAST: Board chair ready to further OSCPA agenda

Written on Aug 26, 2021

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager 

Board service can strengthen leadership skills and be an excellent way to support organizations you care about, said Lori Kaiser, CPA, Executive Board Chair of OSCPA and CEO of Kaiser Consulting. 

Woman smiling for camera.“You try to learn from these experiences, and say, how could that have gone better?” said Kaiser on the most recent episode of The State of Business podcast. “Or what could we have done to come up with a different outcome? Those are really the learning moments that are productive.” 

Kaiser has been a member of The Ohio Society of CPAs for more than 30 years and said she joined shortly after earning her CPA designation. She became more involved with OSCPA through the Women’s Initiatives program, as Kaiser Consulting is highly focused on causes that impact women. Through her involvement she said she learned more about the profession and its opportunities. 

“There's so much talent in our profession,” she said. “And I think serving on the board really opened my eyes to how many career paths there are as a CPA to become a trusted advisor. I also learned a lot about The Ohio CPA Foundation and the Ohio CPA/PAC and how those serve our profession. Those were things that I knew were out there, but I didn't really realize how much they benefitted me as a CPA.” 

Kaiser said one of her priorities as Board Chair would be CPA Evolution, a joint effort of NASBA and AICPA to transform the CPA licensure model and the impact this will have on future CPAs. She also mentioned the value in building a diverse pipeline, something OSCPA is committed to through its DE&I work and The Ohio CPA Foundation. 

“I'm really interested in putting an emphasis on getting more talent in the CPA pipeline. There's already a shortage of CPAs,” she said. “The better we can do to convince highly talented people to enter the CPA profession, that's great. But I'd also like to make sure that there's a lot of diverse talent in that pipeline.”