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CPA of Ohio: Beth Heimbuch

Written on Aug 17, 2021

Is there anywhere you love to travel to?

My family goes to Sanibel Island a lot. It's near Fort Myers. And we like to go during like Christmas time and during the summer. So I was actually really fortunate enough enough to go both during Christmas and for the Fourth of July this year. My family loves going there. It's very laid back, not a lot of tourists. And he just we love spending time outside.

Do you have a favorite piece of life advice you've been given?

I have always been pretty hard on myself, especially when it comes to my classes and how my grades end up looking at the end of each semester. And I can get pretty stressed out over it all. And my mom actually gave me some advice that she's been trying to follow. It's basically if something doesn't move the needle in five years from now, then you shouldn't worry about it. And I think that's something I am definitely going to try and work more towards and just remember that because I just stressed myself out way too much, sometimes over unnecessary things. So I think I've just focused so much on the end result that I haven't focused too much on the whole process to get there. So that's something I'm going to be trying to do, especially with this upcoming semester and studying for the CPA exam.