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PODCAST: The career tips you can’t miss

Written on Jul 29, 2021

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager  

There are certain struggles you might expect from your career, but other hurdles can leave you scratching your head on what to do next. When that happens, it’s helpful to reach out for advice. 

In this week’s episode of The State of Business, we’re highlighting some of the career management advice from recent popular podcast episodes.  

Promotion negotiation strategies 

Kim Radison, founder of KKR Consult, said the mindset professionals should have when discussing a promotion shouldn’t come from a place of “asking permission.”  

“It's one thing to ask and hope for permission, and it's another to look at our worth and our value and to negotiate what it is we feel we should be making,” she said.  

One of the best things a professional can do for themselves is understanding the industry and what that position is paid. This might require not only online research but talking to peers and others in your field, as it’s crucial to be prepared with that info during a negotiation.  

“It’s very hard in a negotiation if you bring something concrete for the other party to look at it and consider the validity of that offer that's being made,” she said. “And then they almost have to come back and be competitive.”  

Strengthening leadership skills   

Not all leadership skills need to be developed in an office-setting. In the episode “How working with horses can reveal leadership abilities,” Celia King of Arrants McSwain offers businesses and individuals ways to grow leadership and team-building skills not only with private sessions, but also in working with horses in an arena.  


“The thing about working with horses is that they're herd animals, everything about them is ultimately about the team,” King said. “And a thing happens to somebody when they're around a horse, is that horse is trying to figure out where you fit in the herd dynamic and if you are the leader or not.”  

King said that working with horses can teach professionals valuable lessons about themselves and the way they interact with others and make a difference in their career long term.  

Using your CPA knowledge to pursue your passion  

Adrian Mayse, CPA, is a tenured Associate Professor and Department Chair of Accounting at Howard University wrote “When I Grow Up I Want to Be… an Accountant,” a picture book that allows children of diverse backgrounds to see themselves on the pages and learn about the accounting profession.  


Mayse said he had a passion for exposing diverse children to accounting, and after publishing the book appreciated it even more. He said he hopes the book continues to start productive conversations about how to continue to engage diverse children throughout their education and as they become adults how to retain them as they rise through the ranks of the profession. 

“The best thing that we can do is to let someone know that it is a career path and to let them know some of the same things that they have experienced, we’ve experienced,” Mayse said. “And I think that maybe we don't tell our stories enough.”  

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