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CPA of Ohio: Logan Schickler

Written on Jul 28, 2021

What did you enjoy the most about playing sports when you were younger and now?

Probably just being able to compete. I'm naturally a very competitive person. I just love being able to compete on a daily basis and making lifelong friends. I'm getting to get married in October and I'm half of my groomsmen I meant playing ball, so probably most importantly, friends.

Do you have a favorite piece of life advice that you've heard before?

It stems back from my baseball days that every day is an opportunity to go to work. That's what we called it "we get to go to work." So now sometimes when I wake up in the morning and I don't feel like working today, I think "I get to go to work every day." It's an opportunity I have, so I think of it like that and it gives me a different perspective.