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Members sound the alarm on IRS services

Written on Jul 22, 2021

OSCPA staff report 

OSCPA members have recently reported extreme difficulties in getting service from the IRS. 

The Ohio Society, in response, has mobilized its Take Action tool to alert federal legislators about the problems. You can learn more and help by contacting your representatives here

OSCPA Tax Policy Director Greg Saul, Esq. CAE, said the agency is facing a heap of challenges, and legislators need to help address the backlog. 

“It’s a perfect storm: COVID hit, the mail piled up, there’s a worker shortage, and they’ve been asked to do a lot of things they’ve never done before, like the Paycheck Protection Program, three rounds of stimulus payments, and automatic unemployment refunds,” Saul said. “We sympathize with members; it’s a bad situation now. Contacting representatives and seeking their help has become necessary.” 

The AICPA in May 2021 conducted a survey that found that tax practitioners’ satisfaction with the IRS had reached a six-year low. Biggest concerns involve the inability to connect with the IRS and workload compression caused by COVID-related laws and regulations. 

Please take a few minutes now to contact federal legislators on behalf of the CPA profession. We encourage members to edit our message and add your personal experiences to enhance your email’s effectiveness. 

In a related and somewhat positive development, the IRS on July 19 announced that it has launched the Tax Pro Account. It allows tax professionals to digitally initiate powers of attorney and tax information authorization requests. These digital requests are submitted to the individual clients’ Online Account, where the clients, after validating their identities, can select the “authorization” tab and digitally sign the request. The signed request records immediately to the Centralized Authorization File (CAF) database, eliminating the waiting period.