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Ohio CPA Foundation program broadens student’s view of accounting

Written on Jul 8, 2021

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager 

A high school senior’s early exposure to business piqued her interest in accounting, but the recent ACAP-Ohio program has solidified it. 

“After going through ACAP-Ohio, it really helped open my eyes,” said Victory Nita, a rising senior at Pickerington High School Central in Columbus. “There is a lot more I could do if I take the career path of accounting.” 

Nita recently attended ACAP-Ohio, which stands for “Accounting Careers Awareness Program,” a week-long event for racially and ethnically underrepresented high school students interested in exploring careers in accounting and business. 

Nita said she was first exposed to business from her mother when her family lived in her native Cameroon. When she was younger, she helped her mother sell various items and learned about profit and how to manage money. When she was 11 years old her mom told her about accounting, a career path Nita said she was unaware of until then. They eventually moved to the U.S. in 2015. 

Nita’s high school counselor advised her to take ACAP-Ohio as a summer program after she had expressed interest in accounting to her teachers. During the week-long program, Nita said she appreciated that the experience was both fun and educational. 

“I really enjoyed learning about so many different career paths you could take in accounting,” she said. “And we had different speakers talk to us about accounting – what it really is – and I didn’t realize how many career choices you have by being in this profession.” 

The case study competition the students participate in appealed to Nita’s competitive nature, and she enjoyed presenting the case findings with her group, along with the informational sessions about the day-to-day work of accountants. 

She plans to apply to The Ohio State University for college, and after attending ACAP Nita she feels much more inclined to choose accounting in the future. 

“This really did push me push me to choose accounting as a career,” she said. “This experience is going to be a big part of how I decide my future.” 

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