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CPA of Ohio: Remy Fleurima

Written on Jul 6, 2021

You're originally from Florida, what brought you to Ohio? 

After college when I finished my MBA I then started interning for the Toledo Mudhens and Walleye. And I always loved accounting, but it would have been tough to take accounting classes while playing basketball in college. So one day I was having a conversation with the owner and it was brought up that I love accounting, but I heard you sit in office all day. And he said, "No, that's not what my accountants do.They know the ins and outs of the company." And he actually introduced me to the partner at Ernst and Young in the Toledo office. And then she's the one who referred me to the Columbus office. So I took the leap.

Do you have any places that you like to visit when you're traveling?
So usually going back home to Florida is a mini vacation for me. But a couple years ago me and some college friends went to Bali. So that was an amazing time. We went to an island and got on the scooters and drove those around. And it helped us feel more part of the culture there. It was more relaxed, laid back. And you know me as CPA, my brains always running and it was nice to just not think and just enjoy the moment.