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CPA of Ohio: Liz Downer

Written on Jun 29, 2021

Have you always been an outdoors person?

My husband and I definitely got more into like the hiking and mountaineering recently. But I think we've pretty much always been active people. We started a lot more with some of like the winter sports. But as you can imagine, that doesn't bode too well in public accounting round with busy season. We've gotten a lot more into outdoor type excursions, we really like cycling a lot as well. We haven't done a ton of that traveling, but we try and find little short bike tours. 

If you weren't in accounting, what would you do instead?
I'd like to be a food and wine critic. I always kind of joke that I would like to be employed somewhere where you get awesome food and great drinks, and then I just get to write about it. And then I wouldn't have to pay for it because that would get expensive.