Local firm management news from around the web: May 3 – 7, 2021

Tips to reduce turnover post-tax season
The 2020 tax season was a particularly challenging one for accounting firms. Now that the pandemic is winding down, exhausted employees may be looking for jobs elsewhere. Here's how to reduce your turnover rate and keep your team together so you can look to experience post-pandemic growth.

Are you the right tax professional for that new client?
Building relationships with clients and helping them succeed is the goal. Here are a few ways to ensure each client is the right fit for their needs and yours.

Technology's growing impact on accounting
Technology and accounting have changed dramatically in recent years, but nothing has changed the profession quite like the cloud, automation and all its related technologies. 

FASB change to rules for sales-type leases would cut losses
The amendment promises to reduce losses at the beginning of some types of leasing contracts.

Tech Corner - The clothes we wear are about to undergo a wild digital revolution
The way clothing gets made has changed surprisingly little over the years. But new advances are adding intelligence and customization to the process.