Local firm management news from around the web: April 5 – 9, 2021

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting local firm management news items from around the web.

Changes from numerous ASB statements to know

There are five key changes within the new audit standard issued by the ASB with targeted enhancements to communicate the value of the auditor’s report that CPAs should know.

Pandemic tax season just got worse. Here’s what to expect now

Yet another IRS change to tax rules amid the COVID pandemic is complicating tax-planning opportunities for financial advisors this filing season.

Senate passes PPP deadline extension

A bill moving the Paycheck Protection Program application deadline from March 31 to May 31 has won approval in the U.S. Senate. The AICPA said that the additional 60 days will help small businesses, not-for-profits, and the CPAs that serve them complete existing PPP loan applications and file new ones. 

How to deduct charitable donations on 2020 taxes

Julian Block explains what the IRS wants taxpayers to do if they qualify for required minimum distributions (RMDs) or qualified charitable distributions (QCDs).

Tech Corner - Cybercriminals using Google Search as the latest trick to snare unsuspecting victims for malware attacks

It was only a matter of time before cybercriminals turned their attention to one of the most common activities on the internet— a Google search. The latest trick is using long-tail search terms and legitimate websites to deliver the Gootkit remote access trojan.