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Legislature announces nearly $2 billion in relief bills

Written on Mar 4, 2021

 OSCPA staff report 

The Ohio Senate on Tuesday announced four bills totaling more than $1.9 billion in federal funding. This relief is in addition to the previous approval of more than $2.5 billion in funding to Ohio communities and schools as a result of the pandemic. Companion bills were also introduced in the Ohio House. 

The package includes: 

  • $1.038 billion for schools, $173 million for expanded testing and vaccine distribution by the Ohio Department of Health, and $8 million for the Ohio National Guard through S.B. 111 (Blessing-Brenner) and H.B. 170 (Bird-Richardson); 
  • $465 million for rent and utility assistance through S.B. 110 (O’Brien-Wilson) and H.B. 167 (Oelslager);
  • $300 million total for businesses ($160 million), childcare providers ($112 million), indoor entertainment grants ($20 million), veterans homes ($3 million) and fairs ($50,000 each for $4.7 million total) in S.B. 109 (Manning-Rulli) and H.B. 168 (Fraizer-Loychik); 
  • $100 million for bars and restaurants, and $25 million for the lodging industry as part of S.B. 108 (S. Huffman-Romanchuk) and H.B. 169 (Cutrona-Swearingen). 

Both the Ohio House and Senate are expected to start hearings on the latest aid packages on March 9. 

In other advocacy news, Senate Bill 18 is expected to be voted out of the House Ways & Means Committee next week. Members concerned about PPP deductibility and BWC dividend CAT taxation are encouraged to contact their state representative. OSCPA’s easy-to-use letter-writing software will help you make your voice heard in less than five minutes.