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CPA Love Story: An internship connection

Written on Feb 11, 2021

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting Ohio accounting couples the month of February. Find out how they met, their first impressions and how accounting factors into their love story. 

When Sean and Courtney Cornett met at a Clark Schaefer Hackett internship, they soon felt like longtime friends. 

Man and woman smiling for camera with arms around each other.

“We were very quickly telling jokes and sharing personal stories,” Sean said. “It just felt like she was a friend I had known for years and years, even though I'd only known her for a couple of months.” 

They both went to Wright State University and are from the Dayton area, but they ended up meeting officially during their internship. Courtney realized they had shared a business law class together previously, and she remembered him as someone who sat up front and asked the professor a lot of questions. 

“One day we were talking about business law, and he went off on this rant, and I realized, ‘Oh, my gosh, you're the guy from class!’’ she said. 

They started dating the summer after their tax internship ended. Eventually they moved to Los Angeles after graduation when a job opportunity for Courtney became available at Disney in the Parks Experiences and Consumer Products Division, mainly focused on the Disney Store inventory accounting. 

“We had both been talking about wanting to leave Ohio to go experience a different area, maybe a segment of the country where there was an ocean and mountains,” she said. 

Sean’s job with Clark Schaefer Hackett allowed him to work remotely while in California. They were together for five years before getting married in October 2019, flying home to Dayton for the occasion. 

“Sean actually wanted to get married in May of 2020,” Courtney said. “And I told him that a two-year engagement was too long, and I wanted to get married sooner. So thankfully, we did get married earlier. Otherwise, we would have had to deal with COVID.” 

After living in L.A. for two years, the couple decided they missed their friends and family and returned to Dayton in the spring of 2020, driving across the country during the pandemic. 

Now Courtney works at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital. Though the couple said they don’t discuss accounting often in their free time, they agreed it is helpful to have a spouse who understands the nuances of the job. 

“When you're stressed or busy with work, it's a little easier to talk to somebody that knows the industry well,” Sean said. “Every now and then we'll help each other out because Courtney's really good in Excel, so when something like that pops up, I may ask for help from her. And I do tax work, so whenever she has any questions with her payroll or paycheck stuff, that’s something I help with.”