Your help needed now on CPA exam bill

By Barbara Benton, CAE, OSCPA vice president of government relations

You spoke, OSCPA listened, and now we need your help! We’re seeking a law change at the urging of our member employers, Executive Board, Young CPA Board and student members to make it less complex to take the CPA Exam. That bill – H.B. 442 – is nearing a committee vote. Please help OSCPA help make this proposed law change a reality by contacting your state representative TODAY!

What does this bill do? If passed, this bill could enable CPA candidates to start taking the CPA exam much earlier than they can under current Ohio law/rules, helping these future CPAs get some or potentially even all of the exam out of the way before or soon after they finish their education requirements and start their career. H.B. 442 would change Ohio law to enable Ohio CPA candidates to start taking the CPA exam after they have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent of 120 semester hours – consistent with 37 other states that already allow this. And as with every state in the nation, everyone would still have to finish their 150-hour requirement, pass the exam and have a year of experience before being licensed.

Why is it important for me to contact my state representative? State legislators truly value hearing from their constituents to help them decide how to vote on a bill. So few people take the time to share their thoughts that even hearing from a handful of people who live in their district can be very impactful. What you think matters, and your state representative wants to hear from you!

How can I send a message? The process is easy and will take you just a few minutes! Go to OSCPA’s Take Action page, enter your name and home address, and a sample email message will appear. You can either send it as is or – much better – add your personal examples such as how it would impact you or someone you know, and why this will be helpful. To do that, simply click “preview” to the left of the draft email and you can make any changes you wish. When you are ready, hit “send” and you are done!

What happens next? Be sure to read OSCPA news sources for the latest on this important issue.

I have questions. Who should I contact? Reach out to OSCPA’s government relations team at, or call me at 614.806.0046.


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  1. Joseph | May 27, 2020
    I want this bill to pass. 
  2. Jaspreet Thind | May 27, 2020
    I wish for the bill to pass! 
  3. Charles Williams Jr | May 27, 2020
    I wish dor the Bill to Pass

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