Financial planning news from around the web: May 18 – 22, 2020

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting financial planning news items from around the web.

Practical financial advice for CPAs now

The AICPA has posted a recording of its Financial Planning Guidance in the Wake of COVID-19 webcast. Listen in for actionable pointers in a wide range of planning areas directed to such as tax, insurance, investment, estate, retirement and debt.

3 retirement questions clients are asking amid COVID-19

Market volatility leads to anxiety. Make sure you are proactively talking to your clients about their concerns and fears. 

IRS makes changes to Sec. 125 cafeteria health plans

New changes to Sec. 125 cafeteria health plans extend the claims period for health flexible spending arrangements and dependent care assistance programs and allow taxpayers to make mid-year changes.

Medicare and the coronavirus: The CARES Act presents some financial planning opportunities

The CARES Act includes a waiver of required minimum distributions RMDs for 2020 from company savings plans and IRAs. For those who take advantage of this waiver and who might be subject to a Medicare surcharge on their Part B and/or Part D premiums there’s a financial planning opportunity.

Tech Corner - To hotspot or not? New tethering alternatives promise speed and security

In an age of heightened security awareness and crowded Wi-Fi networks for remote working, new options are reviving cellular tethering and modems.

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