Health care news from around the web: February 23 – 28, 2020

Checkup for $30, Teeth cleaning $25: Walmart gets into health care
Walmart wants to grab a share of the $3.6 trillion in health spending by leveraging its 150 million weekly shoppers.

The doctors suing to make health care great again
A small, litigious group has spent decades trying to stop the government from telling doctors what to do. What happens if it succeeds?

The top 5 technologies that will change health care over the next decade
The past decade was about the rise of digital health technology and patient empowerment. The next decade will be about artificial intelligence, the use of health sensors and the so-called Internet of Healthy Things and how it could improve millions of lives.

Health care is top of mind for many voters in 2020
Just as it was in 2016, health care is an important issue for voters as they prepare to cast ballots in primaries and in November's general election. 

Tech Corner - Amazon reportedly developing hand-scanning payment technology 
Amazon is reported to be developing point of sale terminals that would accept a scan of a user’s hand to make a payment. The POS terminals would be placed in brick-and-mortar stores and would negate the need for customers to present a physical card to make a payment.

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