IRS paying visits to high-income non-filers

The IRS has announced revenue officers will spend some quality, in-person time with high-income taxpayers who have not filed one or more tax returns in recent years.

The visits are aimed at informing these taxpayers of their tax filing and payment obligations and bringing them into compliance. The move comes in the the wake of recent and ongoing hiring of additional enforcement personnel, and is a part of what the bureaus said is a larger effort to ensure compliance and fairness.

“We want to ensure taxpayers know their options to get right with their taxes and avoid bigger issues later,” said Paul Mamo, Director of Collection Operations, Small Business/Self Employed Division.

For the purposes of these visits, high-income non-filers are considered to be those who generally received income in excess of $100,000 during a tax year and did not file a tax return with the IRS.

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