Members’ news interests shift in August

As buzz about the BID begins to calm down, some stories about the budget still prevail, but members’ interests have shifted.

In August, readers enjoyed stories about accounting in rural areas, the ASAE Annual Meeting, cryptocurrency, blockchain and the municipal tax case.

Here are the top 10 stories of August:

10. ODT issues PTE filings tips

9. OSCPA preserves budget provisions

8. BID revisited: questions engulf ‘legal services’ and ‘lobbying activity’

7. Get familiar with changing auditing standards

6. 5 functions that will be impacted by digitization

5. ADVANCE into 2020 with free local program!

4. International conference with OSCPA connections expected to bring in millions

3. Muni tax case moves forward as Supreme Court grants jurisdiction

2. Cryptocurrency, blockchain impacting profession

1. PODCAST: Running an accounting firm in rural Ohio

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