PODCAST: How finance professionals can excel in the HR function

PODCAST: How finance professionals can excel in the HR function

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

ZieleneicNanFinance professionals are no longer limited to an organization’s numbers. They are now asked to contribute in all aspects of strategy, including the human resource function.

“Responsibilities to the CFO with respect to HR could be very narrow or could be broad,” said Nan Zieleneic, the president and founder of Zieleniec HR Solutions. “It can be pretty widespread, depending what the company has chosen to focus on and how large the organization is.”

Zieleneic has worked in HR for more than 30 years and said these responsibilities range from recruitment, compensation, employee relations, HR compliance and more. She joined us on the latest episode of The State of Business podcast to offer insight into the importance of knowing HR trends, how to deal with nuances like confidentiality and keeping an open mind while learning about all HR encompasses.

She mentioned issues like paid sick leave, salary history inquiries and marijuana initiatives as possible topics to deal with.

“I think that the biggest thing for CFOs is understanding the reach that HR professionals typically have into the organization that might not necessarily dovetail with the normal set of responsibilities a CFO has,” she said.

It’s also valuable to have updated software to support the HR function, such as applicant tracking and onboarding systems. This technology needs to work together to support cohesive communication, she said. This means creating those systems internally or working with organizations like PeopleSoft or Oracle.

A shift in perspective can be beneficial, Zieleneic said, as professionals stay open-minded in their way of thinking to support, not suppress, the evolving HR role.

“I would encourage a CFO to understand their business and the place that HR has,” she said. “And then look at things through a lens that allows them to understand not just what the numbers are telling them, but how do we engage the workforce to get us there, and what programs need to be in place to support that workforce?”

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