Business and industry news from around the web: July 8 – 12, 2019

More U.S. companies to allow remote working
More than half of U.S. companies said they offer remote working to increase employee retention, according to a new global workplace survey.

The accounting professional of the future: Non-CPAs? 
The changing face of the accounting professional was a strong theme this week at the 2019 American Institute of CPAs’ Engage conference — as was the reality that this new professional might not always be a CPA.

America’s job listings have gone off the deep end
A changing labor market, combined with the internet’s ability to make things functionally more efficient but existentially far worse, has transformed how American companies recruit prospective employees. The result is the obnoxious state of the modern job listing, which is often short on details and long on silly demands.

CFOs’ expanding role in management
A notable development in corporate governance over the past two decades is that CFOs have considerably expanded their role in management, in many instances assuming the additional position of chief operating officer. What has remained unclear is what the effect has been on companies' operations and financial reporting.

Tech Corner — Millennials and technology leaders differ on top technologies for business transformation: KPMG report
Highlighting divergent opinions between global tech leaders and millennials, a report on technology industry innovation shows some differences about which technologies each group feels will have the biggest impact on business transformation in their companies over the next three years.

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