AICPA Business Management Webcasts
Financial Forecasting: Planning for Success
Gain a competitive edge with financial forecasting. Proper planning is the key to a company's success. It can provide a sense of direction, help you keep up with the competition, and prepare for increased demand or drop in sales, so you can improve profitability. Be prepared to plan your company's financial future. This webcast equips you with the tools to project the balance sheet and statements of income and cash flow. You'll be able to determine the company's maximum sustainable growth and predict its external fund requirements. Shape your success and the future success of your company.
March 11, 2020

Risk, Cost, and Cash Management for Controllers and Financial Managers
Organizations fail from many factors, including undetected, poor practices that infect and grow throughout the entire organization. These factors include a lack of understanding of costs, poor asset allocation, systems that support the status quo, failure to identify risk, tunnel vision by management and more. Often, management will repeat poor practices across the enterprise, causing major damage. During this webcast you'll learn about the practices and techniques specifically designed to assist you in adding value to your company through improved decision- making, cost management, understanding business cycles, managing continuous improvements, cash management and risk management. We’ll provide you with examples from both successful and failed organizations
April 1, 2020

Controller's Update: Today's Latest Trends
Strengthen your abilities as a controller and help your management team understand current economic issues through the latest trends in accounting, finance, human resources, treasury management, and business systems. In this course you will discuss leading-edge topics in managerial accounting and finance in a session that is packed with useful tips and practical guidance that you can apply immediately.
March 9, 2020
April 20, 2020

The Changing Role of the Controller: Advancing from Tactical to Strategic
A successful controller will go beyond financial statements, internal controls and general accounting to create new value for the organization. We’ll explore new additional roles that controllers are now accepting and outline a roadmap you can use to expand your role as a controller from simply internal process/transaction oriented to externally focused understanding of industry and macro trends.
March 10, 2020
April 24, 2020