Financial planning news from around the web: November 11 – 15, 2019

Written on Nov 12, 2019

How much tax you'll pay on long-term capital gains in 2020
The IRS just announced how long-term capital gains in 2020 will get taxed. In many ways, it looks a lot like it did in past years. There will still be three tax brackets, but the income thresholds at which each bracket will apply will go up slightly from 2019 levels. 

Nearly all Americans make this big mistake on their health care
There are certain tasks that some people find simply unbearable. Namely, reviewing health insurance options during open enrollment. Although this is something everyone should do, far too many people skip it – and it could cost them loads of cash.

Private equity investors are zeroing in on financial advice business
The registered investment advisor industry has attracted the attention of private equity investors, thanks to good growth, high profit margins, consistent cash flow and low capital needs.

Planners' top worries about clients’ financial wellness
Despite the plethora of resources available to clients, advisors say they are still worried about their clients’ grasp of a number of key financial areas, including financial literacy, savings, retirement and insurance.

Tech Corner — New cybersecurity companies have their heads in the cloud
Privacy has become a big deal. Government regulators are moving to squash indiscretions and protect consumers while preserving constitutional liberties. Investors should pay attention. New competitive moats are forming around data security, and scale is more important than ever.

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