Health care news from around the web: Sept. 16 – 20, 2019

Written on Sep 18, 2019

Share of Americans with health insurance declined in 2018
The drop, despite a strong economy, was the first since 2009 and at least partly caused by efforts to weaken the Affordable Care Act.

Ohio’s pharmacy benefit managers back in spotlight of Medicaid-oversight panel
The legislative committee that oversees Ohio’s $28 billion Medicaid program will meet Sept. 19, and legislators want to know whether the state has made progress in addressing long-standing concerns about pharmacy middlemen profiting off prescription drugs for the poor and disabled.

Women make up three-fourths of health care professionals, but only one-third of doctors
Despite progress, men still make up the vast majority of doctors — about two-thirds, with more women choosing to pursue nursing jobs. And in medical schools, white men still outnumber black men about 9 to 1.

How to make health insurers take fraud seriously
Experts say both employers and working Americans end up paying more when health insurance companies don’t report fraud to regulators and prosecutors.

Tech Corner – Google Photos can now search for text in images
Google is making it much easier to look for specific images with text through its Photos app.

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