Financial planning news from around the web: Sept. 16 – 20, 2019

Written on Sep 17, 2019

3 signs client investments aren’t tax-friendly 
Helping clients get the most out of their tax situation could come down to making smart investment choices. Make sure your members are advising their clients to avoid these common investment mistakes. 

Advisers have much to learn about next-generation clients
Millennials remain largely underserved by the financial advice industry, and it may not be due to their disinterest in working with advisers. Instead, advisers may be underestimating the opportunity and misunderstanding the needs of millennials.

Many Gen Xers are too bogged down with debt to save enough for retirement
Gen Xers are facing "financial pressure on all sides,” according to Schwab research.

How to avoid financial deadlock—or worse—after one spouse dies
In many relationships, it’s common for one spouse to play money manager and the other to take a more passive role. This, however, can lead to major complications when the financially dominant partner dies first.

Tech Corner – Google Photos can now search for text in images
Google is making it much easier to look for specific images with text through its Photos app.

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